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 How To Quote

Part 1: For Understanding Our Prices Only (Need not the official quote to place order)
If you only like to know my company PCB manufacturing prices, and need NOT to get my company official quotes to place your order, it is no necessary to register online as our PCB price system is open to public. Just go to http://www.pcbmanufacturing.com/PCB_manufacturing/PCB_manufacturing_Quote.asp, you can get all price information when you get Build Quote Step 2/4 from Build Quote Step 1/4. That is the fairest you can go without logging into our website.

Part 2: To Get Our PCB Manufacturing Official Quotes for Placing Your PCB Orders
To get our official quotes, you need log in first, and then online to build the quote you need.
2A: If you need have account in our website already, input your user name and password to log in.
2B: If you forgot your password, open http://www.pcbmanufacturing.com/PCB_manufacturing/recover_password.asp webpage and input your email address and submit, an automatic email contain your password will be sent to your email box immediately.

2C: If you have not account with us, please visit http://www.pcbmanufacturing.com/PCB_manufacturing/PCB_manufacturing_register.asp webpage to register online. You will get your account password as soon as you finish your registration.

2D: Please be advised some customers prefer to build several quotes for his project to compare the PCB manufacturing cost between different lead times and different PCB characters. Or to compare with other PCB house prices and services. It is hard to say our prices are lowest on the PCB market, but it is sure our PCB quality and services are best of all.

2E: Tips for build quotes online: Even after years to be our PCB customers, some customers still do not know they can add different PCBs into the cart to build a recombination quote. In fact sometime recombination quote can save our customers a lot work. For example, some customers design a family type PCBs. If you build a recombination quote for all these PCBs, it will be very nice and easy for you to distinguish these design projects from other. And there will be only 1 quote ID, so you can make 1 time payment instead of paying one single quote and then to pay another single quotes again and again.

We are proud about our high quality PCB services and very competitive prices. If you review our prices you got years ago, you will find our PCB manufacturing prices are very stable. We always try our best to help our customers to have ability to predict the PCB fabrication price range. We need to be your long term cooperative partner, as we completely understand we cannot success without your success.


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