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 About Us
If you are looking for a qualified PCB provider in North America, PCBmanufacturing.com is here right for you. Tell us the detail of the PCBs you need, we will manufacture the PCBs for you just as you desired and designed! PCBmanufacturing.com is a professional, high quality PCB provider located in Las Vegas city of Nevada State, on west of America. We have rich experience to provide professional PCB service to American and Canada electronic instrument, equipment and device manufacturers in many different fields. As soon as our customers finish their PCB design, we can begin to fabricate PCBs for them immediately.

We have very experience PCB engineers from PCB fabrication very beginning process as production films preparation, cutting and drilling materials, and then chemical processes like copper etching, pattern and panel plating, to surface process treatment, silkscreen printing and QC. All our workers on the production lines finished their preparatory training and thorough training in vary aspect of their jobs. My company engineer department is the 1st department to work about your order after you send your PCB design files to us. They will open all files, re-check your PCB fabrication specification you selected. Compare each layer patterns to make sure your design is good enough for the production needs. Quality Control (QC) department play a very important role in my company to guarantee our customers can receive reliable and trouble free PCBs as they expected and paid for.

Whenever you like, we can find the your order original production, electronic test and QC check data files, samples, and photos to help my company and our customers to narrow down and focus real problems in shortest time, to try our best to save our customer money and help them to finish their products. Because of these, more and more electronic manufacturers, research institutes, college and universities select us as their 1st PCB provider.
PCB Manufacturing LLC Product
PCB Manufacturing LLC Product

PCB Manufacturing LLC (www.PCBmanufacturing.com) Address:  22525 SE 64th PL Suite 200, Issaquah WA 98027 USA
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