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Build Quote Step 1/4 -- Specification  
Material Details  
Board Number *  
Board Type   Single    Panel
Board Size (width) *  
Board Size (height) *  
Board Quantity *   pcs
Route Process  
Thickness (Finished Board)  

Surface Finish  
Copper Weight (Finished)  
Min. Tracing/Spacing  
Smallest Holes  
Castellation Hole  
Via In Pad       (If yes, we need manually quote for you.)
Soldermask     Color:
Silkscreen Legend     Color:
Peelable Soldermask  
Gold Fingers  
Gold Fingers Chamfer  
Slots/Cutouts in Board  
UL Marking  
Date Code Marking  
Different Design in PCB  
Lead Time  

Additional Questions & Comments (Option)  

1. If you need other material instead of FR4, please email your Gerber files and let us know what you need, we will manually quote for you.

2. On this page if you could not find some features you need, please add your concern in the small window "Additional Questions & Comments" at very bottom, we will pay special attention to fabricate the PCBs for you.

PCB Manufacturing LLC Product
PCB Manufacturing LLC Product

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